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Core Logging and Description Workshop (Carbonates or Clastics)

Who should attend?

Geologists wishing to acquire the skills necessary to effectively describe and log cores and enable their logs to be applied in the future development stages of a field or discovery well.


This course teaches attendees to log core in a geologically realistic manner, at different scales (1:50 & 1:200) from a variety of depositional environments/geological settings. It is essentially a practical workshop, with only a limited amount of theory, designed to provide the maximum practical experience and skills transfer. The practical work will focus on core logging, with all attendees logging sections of core. It is estimated that during a 5 day course, attendees will accurately log 30-40m of core at a scale of 1:50 and 100m of core at 1:200.


  • Introduction to the principles of core logging (theory): Extraction and reasons for coring
  • Review of physical and biogenic sedimentary structures (theory)
  • Introduction to core descriptions including a review of different types of core description and sampling procedures
  • Core logging workshop at 1:50 scale with examples from different depositional environments (approximately 40m of core for each attendee)
  • Core logging workshop at 1:200 scale with examples from different depositional environments (approximately 100m of core for each attendee)
  • Identify facies and facies associations from core
  • Implement sampling schemes based on the core intervals

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