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Basic Seismic Interpretation

Who should attend?

Exploration and production geophysicists, exploration geoscientists.


This course assumes a basic knowledge of seismic interpretation and concentrates on the role of the seismic interpreter in the search for oil and gas. In addition to workshop exercises focused on the traditional mapping of subsurface structures, we also look at direct indicators of hydrocarbons using techniques such as AVO and Seismic Inversion. The focus will be on real hands-on exercises, which should reinforce the contents of the course.


  • Review of basics and picking seismic reflectors
  • Integrating non-seismic data
  • Seismic mapping and structural traps
  • Stratigraphic trapping styles
  • Depth conversion and prospect volumetrics
  • Lithological information from seismic: rock physics
  • Review of DHI's
  • Seismic attribute analysis
  • Surface attribute analysis
  • AVO
  • Seismic inversion

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